Frontline Workers and First Responders:

In addition to our mission of providing personal care items needed for the homeless and under-served, B.O.A.T.T. is expanding our community outreach to the Hospital Heroes of Northeast Florida. It takes a lot of coordination, but the goal is simple: order food from our struggling local restaurants & caterers to send to our front-line workers. A great way to share our support for the incredible work they are doing fighting the good fight against COVID-19.
Please make a donation to provide meal support for the Hospital Heroes and support local businesses during the COVID-19 crisis across Northeast Florida.

The Process



We'll Order It

Our city has restaurants & caterers looking for opportunities to provide takeout / delivery orders. When you donate to BOATT, we will order meals from local businesses, enough to feed an entire ER shift crew and COVID-19 related work shifts. We’ll do this every day for lunch and/or dinner as long as we can!



Employment Opportunities

A lot of service industry professionals have lost their ability to work because of COVID-19. To help, they can sign up as delivery drivers for the restaurants partnering with us. This becomes a steady stream of income for the unemployed.



Feed Hospital Heroes

Doctors, nurses, techs, clerks, housekeeping, radiology, and other COVID-19 unit workers contributing to saving lives. We can help them by boosting their morale with "food love".

Get Involved


BOATT is excited to spread food love to our hospital heroes. We are looking for restaurants who would like to provide food / delivery to help us boost morale.
Sign up as a participating restaurant.


As we navigate through the Stay at Home order, it's a great opportunity to help support a worthy cause. Whether you can provide 30 minutes a week or daily support, we need virtual volunteers to support our mission.
Sign up form and our volunteer recruiter will contact you within 1 day.


By sponsoring meals through our campaign Feed the Front Line, you will help fuel the extraordinary efforts of our local healthcare workers while supporting our local restaurants. It takes a village to rally the support needed to accomplish this amazing mission!
Sign up to receive the sponsorship packet.


Your donations will help sustain our restaurants and show “food love” to our hospital heroes who are stressed out and risking their lives trying to save us! Every dollar you give helps keep Northeast Florida open for business.
Additionally, can you imagine our city without our great restaurants?! We can't either!

9 Restaurants / Caterers
25 Locations
930 Meals
And Counting...

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